Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday, Monday!

Greetings world. It is Monday. We are all back to school and work. I dreaded it, to be honest (see previous post about first day of school.) It's a year of big changes and though I look forward to the surprises and blessing that will come, I was dragging my feet a little.

Part of that is college begins and it means I won't see my oldest for weeks. I gotta tell you, even though it's the fourth time we've sent him off to school and it still stinks. A LOT. Do I want him not to go? No. Do I want to hold him back? No. Do I want to see his face every day? Yes. I can't help it... I love the morning routine of sending off, hugs and kisses, lunches made, chatting, "Have an amazing day!" as they head out the door. And though I do it... texting just doesn't cut it.

Every year it's an adjustment and I'm working on it. I know a woman who didn't miss a beat when her oldest went to college. She said "I have 3 others at home." I know another who went to bed for a week and didn't come out, though she had 4 others at home. I fall somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum.

Today, I feel good. We are all where we are supposed to be and I feel good knowing that. While I'd prefer to look at college guy every day, I do not want that at his expense. I am happier knowing he is happy.

So Happy Monday, one and all.

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