Friday, June 27, 2014

Okay, I get it.

So, you know when a life lesson is staring you in the face and you really don't want to see it? So life gets a little bit louder and little bit fiercer? And then you try to talk your way out of the lesson? You try to reason with the lesson? You try to negotiate with the lesson? You try and rationalize the lesson? Ignore it? Get pissed? ARGUE with it?

Well, I do. I've been doing all of that. For longer than I'm willing to document. I've been doing it and I finally am calling Uncle. OK, I get it. Okay, OKay, OKAy, O  K  A  Y! I'm paying attention. I'm no longer sticking my head in the sand. I am looking right at you life lesson and I am accepting.

For anyone who might be reading this little post, please send a kind thought, a prayer, a hope winging for me. I need it. While I am looking at the lesson, know what it means, accept I've got to learn it, I still have some trepidation. I welcome all positive thoughts. I accept all the help available to me.

These sweet little Johnny Jump Ups are symbols of the abundant nature of life. I haven't planted these in years. Like 8 years, maybe more, and yet they appear year after year after year. Volunteers. I love them. Pansies are beautiful flowers and that is reason enough to love them. I also love them for their resilience and tenacity. These sweet blooms are a reminder to just be me and universe will also provide what I need to flourish. 

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