Sunday, May 25, 2014

Big week...

It's been a big week at our house! In and amongst the normal day to day stuff, there were some big events.

Best Hubby and I celebrated #26 with a nice dinner out, just the two of us. It was fun, the food was good and the company outstanding. ♥ that guy!

I sold 4 things, on the same day, at the Galena Vault. Woot! My new business is picking up and I'm very excited at the prospect. More than that, I'm so hap-hap-happy being creative. It's wonderful and I'm filled with gratitude!

We have a new baby in the family. He's sweet and adorable and spent most of the time I was holding him, looking right back at me. LOVE that connection. Babies, brand new, fresh from the presence of God, are a wonder and a treasure.

We also have a high school graduate in the family! We spent hours in the car to celebrate with him and it was good. The look on his face, the appreciation, the excitement, the joy. Oh, so worth it (have I mentioned I don't like long car rides?). I took a pic of him on my phone and said Oh, what a great picture of you... then showed it to him. He shrugged and made non-committal, noises. I said, No, look at this. This is a great picture. Of you! He looked again and smiled ear to ear. Yeah, he said, it is. I love kids. I love when they get an inkling of how great they really are.

This was Washington DC week for the 8th graders in our family. For some it was the longest trip away from Mom & Dad, which of course was harder for the parents than the kids.

Two new homes this week as well. Crazy right! Two different family members found the homes of their dreams and will be moving to them in the next couple of months! One is moving much closer and one a little further away. I, of course, think everyone should live right around me so I can see them whenever I want. Wait, is that selfish? Yes, well, I suppose, but there you have it.

We also lost someone this week. She was 86 and had lived a long life and was loved well and truly by her family. She will be missed and it's a difficult time for those who loved her. Godspeed and God's Peace.

Life is a jumble and comes in a mad rush at times. So much to be grateful for, the beginnings, the endings and all that comes between.

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