Saturday, January 19, 2013


I post to this blog inconsistently. Sometimes I'm bummed or frustrated or irritated and sometimes I'm accepting that inconsistency is a part of who I am.

Primarily, I'm bummed when I want to document something I've created and forget! I've been working in my studio this month and there are things to post, before I give them away! My camera is getting kind of old and the digital pics are not as clear... Oh, heck. Hold on, I'll get some pics to post.

Okay, this scarf I just finished today. Yes, I'm intentionally knitting things to keep. Which feels weird. But I'm doing it anyway.

It's some sort of specialty yarn that I've had quite a while. Unsure how to proceed, it's been waiting patiently in a box until last week when I spotted it. It was a little fussy to work with, but the end result is really interesting.

I made it to wear with this corduroy jacket.  I'm really pleased with the way the orange bits reflect the light.  The scarf itself is 10 inches wide and 32 inches long.  I started with 33 stitches on and knit every stitch until it was a good length.  I wanted it to hang, not too long, and I definitely didn't want to double it up.  It's an infinity scarf, which means I gave the end a twist and joined the wrong side to the right side.  This time I tried knitting the ends together as I bound off.  An earlier infinity scarf ended up with a serious seam when I bound off first and joined second, so I was looking for a new way.  I like the seam better. I'll try again with a less fussy yarn and see how it goes.

As this is the Year of Light, I'm going to lighten up about fuzzy pics.  I'm also going to lighten up about the inconsistency.  

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