Tuesday, March 20, 2012

No Shampoo Update

It's day 5. It's better than yesterday, but my scalp is quite itchy and more oily than I feel comfortable with. When you look at my hair it doesn't look greasy, more like I have some sort of product in it to keep it in place.

Using more baking soda helped today. My hair is shoulder length and very full. The lack of suds makes it difficult to know if I'm distributing the baking soda well enough. Using more baking soda improved the results. I rinsed incredibly well this morning as anyone who poo poo's "no shampoo" claims the harshness of baking soda on the hair, so I wanted to be extra sure I rinsed it out.

I'm trying to document all the results because when I was looking for help all I really found were recipes and vague remarks to the transition period. So this is my attempt to be more detailed.

Interestingly I've found people who use only water, just apple cider vinegar, or conventional conditioner. Some scalps produce more oils than others and age & activity are also factors in what will work for each person. So, keeping that in mind I am continuing on.

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