Thursday, September 29, 2011

The knitter's wrist...

Last year I developed this pain in my right wrist, along the top only. It's dull and achy with just the occasional sharp twinge. I spent an hour trying to reconfigure my workstation to improve the ergonomics because I figured it to be carpal tunnel-esque, but no improvement. I reduced the number of hours I spent at the computer, home and work. I took breaks every so often to stretch and exercise said wrist. I iced. I warmed. Still no lasting improvement. Quite frustrating, but I learned to live with it. Fast forward to this week. My wrist has started hurting again. I say again, because when I noticed it was hurting I realized it hadn't bothered me in months. Months. So that got me to wondering what's different right now than it was two weeks ago. Work is the same. I actually spend less time on the computer at home than ever before because of my smart phone. I discovered the pain I have isn't consistent with carpal tunnel at all. Hmmm... Now this is a puzzler. I can't think what the pain could be from. Did I sleep on it wrong? Pull it doing some yard work or... As my mind zipped along the possibilities, I picked up the knitting I've been working on (gift for a small sports fan) and voila... Pain intensified. I hadn't knitted much this summer, which is why the pain disappeared without my noticing. I've been knitting, pain free, for years, but last year we rearranged the furniture and I've been sitting in a chair with arms to knit, whereas before I sat on a couch, away from the arms to knit. Mystery solved. Little did I know that pain in the wrist is very common for knitters.

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