Friday, November 19, 2010

Thankfully... 3

Here's what I know for sure... If you take the time to look around, there is always something for which to be thankful. Even if it's the ability to notice what's all around.

Since I started writing my thankful thoughts on fb and then here, I find myself being thankful during the day for things that, in the past, I've not always been thankful for: the cat wanting to scooch up way too close or folding laundry or challenges at work.

Don't get me wrong, I'm well aware of my many blessings. This is not the first time I've ever noticed them, but committing to this public display... This is different.

It has seeped into my being in a way that I never expected.

First of all, how do you sum up something as wonderful as the complexity that is another person in a few sentences? So, I spent time thinking about each person I intended to put into a note, which was pretty awesome in itself. The quirks, the gifts, the talent, the annoying behavior, all the amazing components of a human being.

The first few days, I spent quite a bit of time thinking about the posts, because the biggest things in your life are the hardest to distill down to a few words. Then each time I visited fb or someone commented on it, I felt thankful all over again. It's amazing how good it feels to be thankful. It's addicting, actually.

I found I liked how it made me feel so much that I tried to find things to be thankful for when everything wasn't going smoothly. The cranky cashier, the aggressive driver, the computer crash... In every challenge, I found something to appreciate no matter what. "I'm thankful for good brakes and the reminder to drive safe."

Corny, maybe. Life altering definitely.

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