Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Casual Garden

This is really the first place I've lived where I've had the chance to explore my inner gardner. I'm what you might kindly refer to as a casual gardner... I don't like weeding, I don't like fussy plants and I don't really have a plan. What I do have is an amazing husband who could 'poo-poo' my crazy ideas, but instead brings his own ideas and sense of adventure and jumps in with both feet.

Most of our gardens look the way they do because we chanced into something wonderful by saying, lets just try this. Mind you, it's not always sunshine and roses, but we've been married long enough that a cross word exchanged in the heat of rock wall building or dirt hauling is easily forgiven.

This year is our first without a major garden project, which is just a little bit odd, but really, really ok. I'm proud of the work we've done and am planning to spend time this year documenting some of the projects, perhaps thinking about next years adventure.

This picture is of our smaller pond, which is my husbands pride. The man hours required for hauling rocks is best not thought about, but the result is pretty awesome. The pond has two small waterfalls, which are not 'on' in this picture, and five goldfish, that survived the winter!

Here is my short list of gardening tru-isms:
Gardening is not for sissies... Even the casual sort must be willing to get dirty and sweat.
Not everything will survive... Hard, but true. Think 'Circle of Life'.
Be willing to fail... When you are willing to fail, there is great joy in the process. Even when you are moving something that you already moved once, or twice, or...

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