Friday, May 29, 2009

New Beginnings

Today, we have chicks. For three weeks, two of our hens have been 'setting' and today, the eggs have begun to hatch.

We noticed them in the afternoon and there were two, no three, then four, now six. We were fortunate enough to witness one chick crack through and unfold from the egg ~ wet, awkward and confused. Mama scooted the chick back under her and when it re-emerged it was fluffy and beautiful. Not the traditional yellow, but a soft warm tan more like their mama's coloring.

It's been a fascinating afternoon, filled with wonder and excitement. The third hen, who was not 'setting', has adopted two of the more adventurous chicks who wandered out of the nesting boxes. The chicks are still fragile and need the warmth of the mama hen for a few days.

As they were setting on a dozen or more eggs, each, there is no telling how many chicks we will have. Can't wait til tomorrow!

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