Tuesday, October 6, 2015


So, I've had some clear messages recently and thought to take a moment to express my gratitude. I'm a quest kind of person... okay, it's late and I'm not sure that's exactly the right word... seeker is maybe more accurate. I'm a seeker. I love learning new things, trying new things, etc.  Also, I crave meaning.  So, I usually have a lot of questions swirling around. That's just normal for me.

Sometimes I get too caught up in a question and it's too consuming and not all that productive. Sometimes a question will be overwhelming or scary and I'll put it in a 'box' and ignore the heck out of it - not all that productive. Most of the time though, I let those questions just whirr (how do you spell that word?) in the background and eventually they are resolved.

Lately, I've been trying not to put things on boxes. As Brene Brown says, I'm trying to lean into the discomfort, lean into vulnerability. So, in wrestling with a question that makes me sweaty and nervous, when I really just want to run, I've been leaning in and trying to find resolution. And by golly, it's arrived. And it really wasn't as scary as it was at first glance. Ha!

Generally, I hate it when people write cryptic crap and then don't explain it. But, some things are just personal. Period. But I also fully understand the power of the written word.  I feel so strongly about this moment that I'm putting gratitude above whatever else is going on.  It's okay. It really is.

Thank you loving universe. Thank you. Thank you for the sweet and loving people who show up at just the right moment to teach me or show me or model something that I really need. Life is a magical and wondrous happening. 

Off topic but not totally... I'd also just like to express my extreme gratitude for being the age I am. I love my 50's.

How are all of you?

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