Saturday, March 1, 2014

Come into the light!

So, starting this new business is time consuming. From figuring out just what I need, shopping for supplies (primarily online, but still...) discussing: marketing, promotion, packaging, actually making things. You see what I mean.

Yes, this is going to be a recurring theme for a few minutes. Try and bear with me.

When I set off on this journey, I had no real idea. I mean, I like to make stuff, I love to share it with others, I was very attracted to doing something creative. But I had no idea how much time and energy it would take. I am not complaining, so much as taking stock.

Since I'm not complaining, I bet you are wondering why I'm even talking about it... I'm concerned about the effect it is having in other aspects of my life. For example, a friend broke her foot recently and I haven't been over to see her. Argh. I'm behind in my letter writing. I know, we live in a digital age, but I started sending snail mail to my favorite kids this year and I've let an entire month go by without sending notes. There is a serious amount of dust in my house. There is a serious lack of groceries in my house.

Anyway, I just am trying to come to grips with the changes.

Onto the real topic of this post - one new purchase is a light kit for taking photographs with true colors. I purchased on Amazon and am very pleased with the kit. It was not expensive, but gives me a lot of options. There are three stands, two umbrellas and a world of possibilities.

Here is a picture of the kit in action. I was trying to get this particular cowl to look the way it ought to. I've mentioned it before, it's a deep forest green with flecks of other colors. There is an undertone of black in the green and when it's photographed, you only see black, not green. I've tried fiddling with the color in a photo editor, but even then it just doesn't look right. The white fabric behind the dummy is a fabric remnant, which keeps the color of the walls from reflecting onto the item. The three lights, which I've used in every single configuration, make every other thing I'm photographing look amazing. But this cowl is determined to keep it's beauty under wraps.

Another cool thing about the light kit is it comes with a tote back and all the bits just go right back in to put away or carry along with you. We've misplaced the tripod attachment that goes on the camera, otherwise that would be in the picture, too.

Picture one
So, look at these two pictures... Picture one was taken with the light kit with no touch up whatsoever. Picture two is from before and to get the color to be a reasonable facsimile of the true thing, we edited it in a photo editor. Notice how it's still not 100% accurate, even with the fiddling.

Don't you think that's interesting? All for want of a little light. The smaller light is for back lighting and I'm amazed at how much of a difference that makes. I've never really studied photography before now and geez louise is there a lot of information out there. I don't plan to be a professional, I just want to have some nice, accurate pictures of my creations, which are primarily for sale via internet. So good pictures are important. I look at the light kit as an investment in my business. That's it fun, is icing on the cake.
Picture two

I took pictures today of all the new things I've made this week and it took a total of 10 minutes. Zip, zip, snap and I was done. Hmmm.... there is something important in this off the cuff thought I think. It took me several days, off and on, to look and ponder and talk to others to find and order the light kit. But, that's done now and the taking of the pictures took a fraction of what I was spending to move stuff around the house to find good light or on the computer to edit the pictures. Whoa!

Hallelujah! That is important. I'm at the beginning of this business and it's taking some mondo time right now, but once I have the tools and processes in place it's going to be manageable. Woo. Woo.

And once again, this blog has worked it's magic. Is it too soon for another Hallelujah?!

Happy Saturday, one and all!

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