Friday, September 7, 2012

Harvest Soup

Inspired by a family member, I decided to try putting a days harvest into a pot and turning it into soup. Lots of tomatoes this year, so I filled the pot with them - skins, cores, seeds and all. I added peppers (including one very hot one), garlic and sage all from the garden. From the pantry I added two carrots, two stalks of celery, onion, peppercorns. I let it simmer for a couple of hours, removed the tomato skins and sage twig then blended it right in the pot with the stick blender.

I've never had a stick blender before and I am blown away. Easy and Amazing results! It blended all this wonderful whole foods into the tastiest tomato base. The first time I made it, I turned it into Spicy Tomato Soup, which I served with grilled cheese for a trip down memory lane. I simply added milk to the base after I let it reduce after blending. I like to call it Spicy Tomato Bisque because it sounds fancy, but it doesn't involve seafood, so therefore not truly a bisque.

I've made it a second time, this time I did not remove the tomato skins, and it blended just as well. I also cleared out the veggie drawer, adding mushrooms, zucchini and a small handful of spinach. It blended beautifully, tasted even better than the first and became Chicken Taco Soup.

We have another batch of tomatoes ready for picking and it's destined to become a concentrated base that I'm going to freeze in small zipper freezer bags. By allowing the blended soup to simmer and reduce, I'll end up with soup starter in a bag.

It's so easy, healthy and delicious! I just had to share. I hope it inspires you the way I was inspired!

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