Wednesday, June 6, 2012

2nd Graduation this year!

We've celebrated our 2nd graduation this year. My youngest graduated from High School just this weekend. Amazing! Simply Amazing. He is bright, passionate, artistic, articulate, deeply compassionate and in my totally biased opinion, completely adorable! I, of course, cried. There are just so many emotions going on all the same time that it just wells up and spills over.

The ceremony was great. Not too long, not too short. The variety of the speakers, involvement of the students, songs by the senior choir members - all contributed to a 'just right' event. The weather was beautiful as well. We couldn't have asked for more. I'm one proud mama. Now it's off to college! Sigh, sniffle, joy.

I was re-reading this post and the two or three previous to it and realized how often I used the word amazing. Of course, these most recent posts have been about my sons and to be quite frank, they are amazing. They are not perfect and sometimes they drive me crazy but the truth is they are two of the most incredible, complex, loving, unique people I've ever known. At this point I feel I need to justify what others will read as bragging, but I'm not claiming their amazing-ness is a direct reflection of me. I totally get that who they are and who they are becoming is all about them and the miracles that God set in motion the day they were born. So yes, I feel pride for, but not ownership of, their accomplishments. I know I am one lucky woman to be here to witness these everyday miracles!

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