Friday, April 20, 2012


Where does the time go?

I have two graduates this year. Two. Who thought that would be a good idea? Well, anyway, it's been a little frenzied here, with all the preparations for not one but two graduations, two gathering/parties, not to mention all the other amazing things that happen during senior years.

Okay, want to update you on the no shampoo effort. It really wasn't working for me and I am back to using shampoo. I gave it a strong effort, but my results were inconsistent. One day the hair would be great, the next 5 would be varying degrees of not good. I reached the breaking point when it seemed as if every hair on my head was fighting against every other one. This went on for 5 days, getting progressively worse - picture if you will Monica from Friends in the episode where they went to a tropical locale and her hair just got bigger and bigger. This is what would happen throughout the day. It would start off well, but as the day progressed the hairs were just more and more agitated or distressed or I don't really know but on the day of my son's recital I threw in the towel.

So I'm back to shampoo and my hairs are friends again. I do use the baking soda once a week to get a deep down clean. Nice side benefit is that working the baking soda in gives your head a nice massage! My husband, who had joined me in the adventure, let out a sigh of relief when I said I was giving up. He had similar issues, but was going to stick with me! What a guy! Am I right?

Spring is here and the gardens are calling, so I'm off to spruce up the place for those parties I mentioned earlier!

I'm not sure what these little flowers are, but they are beautiful. They are a bulb of some kind and like most bulbs arrive and depart quickly.

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