Monday, June 20, 2011

Project # 23 New Skirt

I finished a skirt today that I drafted to my size and the tweaks that make me happiest. It has a zipper, slash pockets and a blind hem.

For anyone who hasn't tried or figured out the blind hem, I really really really recommend you do and keep at. It makes your skirt, dress or blouse (yes you can blind hem a blouse) lay so well. It takes a little more time, but the effort is so worth it. Not only do you end up with a skirt that hangs beautifully, the blind hem process allows you to ease in any extra fullness easily and beautifully.

In the picture I'm attempting to show both the slash pocket and the blind hem. For whatever reason, today I just couldn't get a clearer pic and so this one is it. The fabric is a bargain that has been in my studio for quite some time. It is a really warm brown, like lovely milk chocolate and will go with anything. There is the tiniest bit of spandex in it, which helps keep shape. I hemmed it to mid knee and put it on as soon as it was finished and may very well wear it for the next week.

Okay not really, but I do like it well enough that I am in process of making a second skirt today. It's a very simple modified A line pattern. Nearly every learn to sew book contains instructions for making your own skirt pattern. I modified it in two ways, the first, I narrow the waist slightly and removed the darts as they never quite laid right on my figure. The second alteration was to make the width of the skirt a little narrower and less A line. Not a pencil certainly, but not a true A line. All I can tell you is to try and error your way to the correct pattern.

Now that I've achieved a pattern worth making more than once, I can begin customizing each skirt to make them unique. To this skirt I added slash pockets, which are a very simple to do, but look confusing. There are some tutorials on the web. No need to buy a pattern.

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