Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ahhh... vacaton

We've been away for eight days and it was glorious. The picture is of the mountains around the lake we visited. So much fun, so much nothing particular to do, so much sun. It was the best vacation ever (yes I've said that about every vacation, but this one was the best!) It was long enough that we were ready to come home. How often does that happen?

But ready I was, more than... I was so excited to get here and so happy to see everything and just be here. The house, the animals, the landscape, the garden, the ponds, my bed... all the things that make this place our home. Being this excited to come home was the icing on the top of a great vacation cake!

We were visiting a small town near where we stayed. They had some really amazing little shops with lots of hand crafted items. I feel very inspired!

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