Saturday, April 11, 2009

Favorite Things....

These two, simple beaded chains are among my favorite things. A friend had a new, really cool anklet a couple of summers ago, and I had the envy. So, sitting at my kitchen table with the beads I had, and much trial and error, I finally settled on the tiny colorful glass seed beads. They reflect light like crazy, are dainty enough for an anklet and I had hundreds of them. I decided to make the anklet long enough to go around my ankle twice. I like the movement of two layers.

A short time after, I found the glass cross with the embedded floral pattern. I know this has a name, but arrrghh... I can't remember it. Anyway, the funny thing is, the anklet can be a bracelet, wrapped three times around a wrist. And, it can also be a necklace. And the colors of the flowers in the cross match and it makes a terrific pendant.

Because I liked the short version so much, I made a longer version. Long necklace, three wrap anklet, five wrap bracelet, double wrap short necklace. All worn with or without the cross.

Simple, versatile, fun.

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