Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I've been thinking about something I heard Florence Henderson say last week... It takes courage to be happy. Hmmm... I'd never thought about it in just that way. It takes courage to be happy. It's not like it's earth shattering really. I'd just never heard it put that way. So simply, so succinctly. I don't even feel like it's new information, but boy has it stuck with me. I think it's interesting that we think about courage in contrast to adversity, or certainly with adversity as a backdrop, but not so much with a positive backdrop. Maybe that's why this resonates with me.
So much of the media onslaught is geared toward fear that it takes discipline not to succumb to the dark side. Not to mention the negative people populating the world. And yes, yes, they may have some tragedy or drama playing out in their life, but who doesn't. It's easy to get pulled into a negative thought pattern, easy to complain, easy to point out problems. It takes strength, stamina, perseverance, and determination to be happy. And yes, courage! It takes courage to be happy. Dang! This is my new favorite phrase! This picture is of Jill, our tiny little bantam hen. She is the friendliest of all our chickens and lays the most adorable little eggs.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Life is a journey...

I was watching a documentary the other day and one of the people in it said 'Like everyone else in their forties, I began searching in earnest for why I'm here.' Okay, it's not an exact quote, but it is the essence of what was said. I found that pretty interesting as I've been on a search since somewhere in my mid 30's. Well actually I know when I started looking... it was the year my mother passed away. I have been on the right track and on several wrong tracks. I don't really believe they were 'wrong' so much as necessary steps to get me to what I most desire. I don't pretend to know everything... but this I know with certainty: Life is a journey and everyone's journey is personal and perfect. You don't have to do what anyone else does or you can do exactly what someone else does. The only thing that matters in your life journey is that you are always becoming more you. A better you. A happier you. A more successful you. Whatever it is, just be you. Be more you every single day. This photo is of Lamby Pie (hee hee). It's from last year, but without the camera I'm challenged with mining the photos already on the computer. But, the lack of photos from the past couple of months makes the blog so boring! Plus she's really cute!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Project Update

So, I was looking back at the posts and realized that I never finished documenting the projects I completed this year. Partly because I'm a nerd and don't always remember to take a picture before I give the gift away and partly because my amazing son is using the camera for school. I'm way over the 30 projects for the year (not even counting the multiples of items like the crochet angels or eyeglass cases. I also extended my creativity to try projects I've never tried before... Including, but not limited to, lotion from scratch (really interesting and fun - but boy is there a science to scent), fermented pickles (quite spicy thanks to a jalapeno or three, but not sour enough... hmmmm) and candles. It's been a fun year of projects and the studio is thankful that things are moving in and through it! Here is a list of other projects completed but not documented by camera: #26 Patchwork skirt, #27 Gray knit shirt, #28 Red, cream & black A-line skirt, #29 Beaded Earrings, #30 Pink Skirt. I'm happy to report that all of these were completed before our vacation in July as I took them with me. So, the 30 projects project was completed in July. Yeah.

Arm... last for a while

I went to the doctor yesterday and was given a 'You're doing really great' pat on the back. No more splint. Just continue PT and massage and begin weight training. So it's all good. I'm thrilled with the visit and the status of my arm. I'm relieved to be able to return to normal or at least begin creating a new normal. The arm is not 100% but it's only been 5 weeks since surgery and this was an intense fracture, so it's good. Really good. I'm relieved to be able to focus on other things and have the arm just be part of my life, not the focus! So, until and unless something major happens the blog will return to it's former 'non-arm' topics. Gee doesn't that sound good :)

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's a good day!

It's been a good day. Election day - the first for my son. Exciting. I love going to vote. I'm not sure why exactly. I'm not a strongly political person, in that I believe we all get to choose and it doesn't bother me one little bit that other people have differing opinions from mine. I am, however, adamant that every citizen is responsible for their community, state and nation and as citizens, we all need to vote. We are blessed to live in this country and voting is a way of showing gratitude for the blessing. My son, who is very civic minded, was pleased as punch to vote. What an amazing gift to be able to see life through the eyes of your children. We voted before work/school today, so the day started off well. We are enjoying a warm spell. Still a hint of fall in the wind, but warm and sunny. The sunshine makes the fall colored leaves glow. Work was great. Long, fun filled and great. My arm is definitely well along the way to being mended. It just feels significantly better with the addition of massage therapy. Yesterday took the dog to the groomer and now she looks like a lamb. I can't resist calling her Lamb-y Pie... hee hee. I love my husband. Not new, or startling, but it's good to remember how lovely it is to love another person. That I've known and loved him more than half my life... well that's just the icing on the cake. Yes. It's a good day!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Life at my house

I'm pleased to say that normalcy is returning to my life. Do you hear the angels singing? They are! I'm typing, easily maneuvering my fingers around the keyboard, Capitalizing letters. My punctuation and spelling are back to my eclectic style. I enjoy a good !, where perhaps none is dictated, and I'm tickled to be able to put ! one wherever I want. In the last post I skipped those and capital letters because it was just too much effort. The arm is progressing. I definitely have some scar tissue, which is inhibiting my mobility. Arrgh. I started massage therapy and after just one brief session it feels really good. Can't wait to do it again. All in all, I'm pretty pleased with the progress. I go for a follow up this week and hope the doctor is pleased too. So, I've noticed a lot of grumpiness on the pages of my fb friends... It started me thinking about the fact that perhaps complaining about the people around you is missing the point. Let's suppose that the difficult, challenging, annoying people are a life lesson for you. If all you do is complain about them and place them in the 'wrong' category are you really learning anything? What if there is a deeper reason you're annoyed? While we're supposing... Suppose you are the difficult, challenging life lesson for someone else... Do you really want to be that?